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Vitamins For Infant

It has long been an established fact, that most infants who feed on breast milk really do have a complete and wholesome nutritional balanced diet and the parents do not have to worry about any lack.
However in recent years, research has shown that a lot of pregnant and lactating women do not follow a complete and healthy diet plan for themselves and this in turn affects the infant overall health.
In some cases there may be need to supplement an infant diet plan with specifically identified vitamins. Under no circumstances should an infant be fed with over the counter vitamins without the approval of an experienced medical practitioner.

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Some infants may need the vitamin D supplements if the daily consumption of milk is less than 32 ounces of formula or breast milk, although it may be a little harder to gauge the amount of milk being consumed if it is not expressed into a bottle..
Premature babies and babies who are born with medical problems may need the assistance of vitamin supplements to help in their fight to stay healthy and grow accordingly.
This is also applicable to mother who have had previous medical problems thus may not be able to provide all the complete and necessary vitamins to the foetus when carrying the child to term.
Some mothers who follow a vegetarian diet while pregnant may also need to consider some sort of vitamin supplement for the infant at some point after the initial first 6 months of the infant’s life.
Some popular recommendations that doctors may suggest for infants would include an iron supplement, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and DHA which is an important omega 3 supplements.
However none of these should be incorporated into the infants diet without the specific recommendation of a doctor and even then it should be done only after a thorough medical examination has been conducted.[:]